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Reported by Greenbyte on 20 April 2017

Vindpark Vänern Choose Breeze for Wind Farm Management

Vindpark Vänern's wind farm by Gässlingegrunden. (Courtesy of Greenbyte AB)

10 WinWinD WWD-3 3.0 MW wind turbines were erected in 2010. The first four years of the wind farm’s life proved to be more turbulent than expected for the owners of Vindpark Vänern. The financial crisis forced WinWinD, the supplier of the wind turbines, into bankruptcy.

“We have chosen Breeze to manage data from Vindpark Vänern in order to take ownership of data and to facilitate insight into wind farm operations. We are excited to further our work of minimizing downtime and analyzing data to increase availability and performance from the Vindpark Vänern wind farm,” says Göran Jacobsson, owner representative for Kyrkvinden.

“We are excited to start working with Vindpark Vänern and WinWinD turbines. Taking ownership of data is always important for owners but perhaps even more important when wind farms are out of warranty and when the supplier has ceased operations, “ says Jonas Corné, CEO of Breeze.

About Vindpark Vänern

Vindpark Vänern is a 30 MW offshore wind farm located in Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. The 10 WinWinD WWD-3 wind turbines were commissioned in 2010.



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