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Reported by RenewableUK on 30 November 2018

Wind power sets new generation record

RenewableUK is highlighting official figures from National Grid which show that wind generated a record amount of electricity on Wednesday.

(Courtesy of RenewableUK)

The statistics reveal that Britain’s onshore and offshore wind farms hit a new high of 14.9 gigawatts (GW) between 6 and 6.30pm on Wednesday evening.

Analysis by Drax Electric Insights shows that this was 33% of Britain’s electricity needs at a time of high demand, and that it beat the previous record of 14.5GW set on 9th November.

National Grid said that overall on Wednesday wind generated 32.2% of Britain’s electricity;  more than gas which provided 23.5%, while nuclear supplied 17.9%, coal 8.7%, biomass  8.0%, imports 7.8% and hydro 1.7%.

RenewableUK’s Executive Director Emma Pinchbeck said: “It’s great to see British wind power setting new records at one of the coldest, darkest, wettest times of the year, providing clean energy for people as they came home, switched everything on, turned up the power and cooked dinner”.  

“As well as tackling climate change, wind is good for everyone who has to pay an electricity bill, as the cost of new offshore wind has fallen spectacularly so it’s now cheaper than new gas and nuclear projects, and onshore wind is the cheapest power source of all”.  

On Thursday, National Grid said wind generated 32% of Britain’s electricity followed by gas at 25.0%, while nuclear supplied nuclear 18.1%, coal 9.1%, biomass 7.1%, imports 5.9%, and hydro 2.0%.



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