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Reported by PNE on 5 December 2018

PNE AG finalised share buy-back

(Courtesy of PNE AG)

Cuxhaven, December 5, 2018 – In the course of the public share buy-back offer for the acquisition of own shares more than 5,600,000 shares have been offered to PNE AG for buy-back within the purchase price range of EUR 2.25 up to EUR 2.74 upon expiry of the acceptance period on 30 November 2018 (24:00 hours, CET). According to the Offering Document the public share buy-back offer related to the buy-back of an overall number of up to 2,190,000 shares („Targeted Repurchase").

As the total number of shares for which the offer has been accepted is above the Targeted Repur¬chase, the Final Purchase Price according to section 3.4 of the Offering Document equals the lowest price (within the purchase price range of EUR 2.25 up to EUR 2.74) in relation to the ac¬ceptance declarations at which the company is able to acquire the Targeted Repurchase of 2,190,000 shares. The Final Purchase Price calculated by the Company on this basis at the end of the acceptance period amounts to EUR 2.65 per share. Hence follows an allotment rate of 88,1281 percent for the offered shares of shareholders who accepted the offer at a Stakeholder Purchase Price equal to the Final Purchase Price or below or at the Final Purchase Price.

The settlement of the offer is expected to take place on 14 December 2018.



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