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Reported by Ideol on 26 April 2018

Ideol to team up with Acacia Renewables to develop Japan’s first commercial-scale floating wind farm

(Courtesy of Ideol SA)

French floating offshore wind leader Ideol and Acacia Renewables, a wholly owned Japanese renewable energy development platform of Macquarie Capital, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in March aiming at developing Japan’s first utility scale commercial floating offshore wind farm.

Both companies are working together, in the development of the project off the coast of Japan. The project will draw upon Ideol’s patented Damping Pool® technology and Acacia’s extensive experience in project origination, development and financing with the support of Macquarie Capital’s expertise in managing offshore wind assets. Construction is currently set for 2023.

David Povall, CEO of Acacia Renewables, says: “We are truly excited about the development of the energy sector and opportunities in delivering large scale offshore projects in Japan. Bringing into Japan the global renewables capabilities and experience will hopefully deliver a step change in the speed and cost of deployment.”

“We are extremely proud to have a global powerhouse recognize the pertinence of our technology which is particularly compatible with tomorrow’s very large wind turbines and increasingly higher local content expectations. The signing of such agreement clearly demonstrates that after 2 full-scale demonstrators on 2 different continents and a pre-commercial array we are now ready for the next stage: commercial-scale deployment. Our international and fully integrated team looks forward to taking on this new challenge in close partnership with Acacia’s and Macquarie Capital’s experts.” said Paul de la Guérivière, CEO of Ideol.



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