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Reported by Natural Power on 8 March 2019

Daryl Hickey, Mechanical Engineer

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What does your day typically consist of?

Primarily, I’m involved in all site activities to facilitate client inspection services. At the moment this includes condition monitoring for Ventient Energy at Westfield Wind Farm, and research and development for equipment and processes to allow more sophisticated and efficient methods into CMS/SHM and WTG inspection technologies.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The wide variety of tasks and projects that I get involved with – for the most part, every day is different!

How did you get into the role in the first place?

Being from a largely mechanical engineering background and having a keen sense of environmental awareness, the renewable industry was a huge attraction for me. Inspection services allow me to continue to draw on my engineering background whilst enabling me to work in a sustainable industry.

What is your degree and/or professional qualification?

BSc MEng (Hons) MPhil PhD CEng (MIMechE). I’ve also got online distance learning certificates in computer science from MIT and Harvard. Some research and development certificates from Perdue and I’ve got tonnes of stuff from the University of Liege. But my PhD and Chartered Engineer and the ones I’m most proud of!

What is the most interesting type of work you have done and why?

All of it, having the ability to remotely identify probable issues within a WTG drivetrain and couple that with inspecting a site and uncovering the issues visually is incredibly challenging and very satisfying both in discovering the issue itself and the for the benefits to our client base that this provides.

What is your biggest achievement at work?

Being part of a team that continually supports and mentors one another is an achievement in itself.

Any hidden talents?

Even though I am a mechanical engineer, I’m quite good with electronics!

What is your favourite hobby?

Before getting married I quite liked to build robots. I also enjoy astronomy, but my telescope is in need of some TLC at present!



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